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Malaga, Spain


This itinerary is under construction

May 27 - June 7, 2021

Day By Day Itinerary


IMPORTANT:  This is a preliminary itinerary and may be modified at any time before or during the tour due to unforeseen events or to improve or better accommodate the group. 

Day 1 Malaguneos Heritage Tour

May 26, 2021

Overnight Flight to Malaga, Spain

Day 2 Malaguenos Heritage Tour

May 27, 2021

Arrive in Malaga - A day of rest 

Churros and Chocolate


Day 3 Malguenos Heritage Tour

May 28, 2021

10.00 - The bus will take you to Alhaurín de la Torre downtown.
11:00 - Official welcome reception at Alhaurin de la Torre City Hall.
12:00 - City tour to the main attractions including the church and old quarter.
14:00 - Spanish tapas at Casa Peña, the best in town.
17:00 – Arrival at the hotel. Dinner at the hotel

Day 4 Malaguenos Heritage Tour - Day trip to Málaga

May 29, 2021

10:00 - Visit the Cathedral of Málaga, including a special guided visit to the Archive. [If someone is interested in researching their records, a previous registration is required or another day. Therefore check with our guide about the documents you want to research, to find out whether they are preserved or not. We regret to inform you that the
access to the archive is not available to handicapped persons because there are 58 steps in the stairs and without lift]. 
12:00 - Visit the Roman Theatre.
12:30 -Visit the Aduana Museum.  
13:30 - Lunch at a restaurant in Málaga. Location to be determined.
15:00 - Visit the Picasso Museum.
17:00 – Back to the bus. Trip to Castle of Gibralfaro. Panoramic view over the city of
18:30 – Arrival at the hotel in Alhaurín de la Torre


Day 5 Malaguenos Heritage Tour - Day trip to Granada 

May 30, 2021

8:00 – Departure from Alhaurín de la Torre.
8:45 – A short stop in Villanueva del Cauche. A very small and not touristic village
where you will better understand the old Andalusia.
10:00 –Coffee-break in Santa Fe (Granada) where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed the documents with Christopher Columbas commissioning his trip to America, in one of the most famous cafés in Spain for its delicious cake called Pius IX.
11:00 – Arrival at Alhambra in Granada.
Visit the Alhambra and the tombs of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
14:30 – Lunch at Granada. Location to be determined.


Day 6 Malaguenos Heritage Tour - Day trip to Ronda

May 31, 2021

8:00 Departure from Alhaurín to Caminito del Rey, ‘The King Footsteps’, an
awesome pathway and tunnels in a natural park.
9:30 – Stop at Caminito del Rey to take some pictures from the road of this gorgeous
path. We will not walk along because it will take3-4 hours and requires a certain level of
physical effort and skillfulness.
10:15 – Coffee-break at a coffee-bar in Cuevas del Becerro. In a place that only the locals know.
11:15 – Arrival at Ronda
13:30 – Lunch at a local restaurant to be determined.
15:00 – The trip continues towards Setenil de las Bodegas, a beautiful ‘pueblo Blanco” known that way for its white buildings and its dwellings built into rock overhangs above
the river.
15:30 – Arrival to Setenil de las Bodegas. Sight-seeing around the village.
16:30 – Return to Alhaurín de la Torre.
18:00 - Arrival at the hotel for dinner


Day 7 Malaguenos Heritage Tour - Málaga sight-seeing, Paella Class

June 1, 2021

9:30 – Departure from Alhaurin de la Torre.
10:00 – Arrival at Málaga. Visit the shrine of Virgin of the Victory.
11:30 – Visit to Picasso house birthplace.
12:00 –Visit the church of Santiago.
13:00 – Paella workshop in Málaga.
16:00 – Free time in Málaga for shopping, etc.
18:00 – Return to the hotel.


Day 8 Malaguenos Heritage Tour  - Day trip to Macharaviaya

10:00 - Independence Day Event in this small village, Bernardo de Gálvez birthplace,
14:00 - Lunch at Macharaviaya or Rincon de la Victoria. Location to be determined.
17:00 -Visit Rincón de la Victoria and the old military fort of Bezmiliana. Nowadays an exhibition center.
18:00 – Return to the hotel.


Day 9 Malaguenos Heritage Tour  - Day trip to Cadiz

9:00 – Departure from Alhaurin de la Torre
10:00 – Arrival at Cadiz to visit the port where our Malaguenos ancestors made a stopover on their way to Louisiana.
13:30 – Lunch at a local restaurant to be determined.
15:00 – To be determined.
17:00 – Returning to Alhaurin de la Torre.
18:00 – Arrival at the hotel.

Day 10 Malaguenos Heritage Tour - Day trip to Seville

9:00 - Departure from Alhaurin de la Torre for Seville

11:00 - Arrival at Seville

11:30 - Lunch in Seville at a restaurant to be determined.

13:00 - Tour of Seville

17:00 - Return to Alhaurin de la Torre

20:30 Dinner at hotel

Day 11 Malaguneos Heritage Tour - Day trip to Gibraltar

9:00 Depart for Gibraltar to see the straights your ancestors passed through on their way to Louisiana.

10:30 Arrive at Gibraltar

10:30-12:30 Tour of Gibraltar

12:30-2:00 Lunch at Gibraltar at a restaurant to be determined.

2:00 - return to Alhaurine de la torre.

Dinner at the hotel

Day 12 Malaguenos Heritage Tour - Day trip to Morocco

Depart for Morocco

Today we will take the ferry across the straights of Gibraltar.  The same straights your ancestors passed through on route to Louisiana to visit the beautiful city of Tangier, Morocco.

7:00 -Depart for Morocco early.

9:00 - Take Ferry across the Straights of Gibraltar.

10:00 - Arrive in Morocco.

11:00 - Hop on Hop off Bus tour of Morocco.

12:00 - Lunch in Morocco at a restaurant to be determined.

14:00 - Continue our tour of Morocco using the hop on hop off bus.

18:00 - Return to Alhuarine via ferry system and then bus back to the hotel

20:30 - Dinner at the hotel.

Day 13

Return home

from $4775 per person + air

Optional Single Supplement $370



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